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Always chasing money?Does it seem like you’re always chasing money?


Too much month left at the end of your money?

Living paycheck to paycheck?

Making it but it seems hard?



It’s time for a change…

“Applications of Core Health and Funny Money are a boon to me personally and professionally.”

“Based on proven, repeatable, scientific principles, they are instrumental in catapulting my company into previously unknown levels of profitability in two states. Core Health cleared away all nonsense, allowing me to function more efficiently and better enjoy my successes. I heartily recommend FUNNY with MONEY, Core Health and Heart Forgiveness for business individuals.”

Florida Cracker Plumbing, Brent Phillips, Owner/President, Tampa, FL

“… FUNNY with MONEY aligned our marketing, results, and focus…”

“Core Health and FUNNY with MONEY aligned our marketing, results, and focus to truly accomplish our mission of integrative medicine. This quickly changed our practice from making-ends-meet to a profitable corporation. Phenomenal shifts integrated staff and practitioners into consistent mission statement focus. BONUS: My GOLF game went from a 94 to a respectable 74 the next week! I won a local tournament using these techniques in the process.”

Millennium Medical, Dr. Jeannne Bangston, President, St. Petersburg, FL

“I’ve pursued various self-improvement programs and great minds with only incremental benefits.”

“FUNNY with MONEY, Core Health and Heart Forgiveness provided lasting, continuous, and expanding benefits. When I cleared “I have permission to be successful,” first the tears came, followed by a tsunami of new business. I simply needed to get out of my own way.”, Jewel McKeon, President Safety Harbor, FL

“Simple and Fast…”

“My family, employees, and I have done many ‘improvement courses’ for better business and the Quality of our Lives. These series are by far the most practical and effective – with the most comprehensive and lasting benefits – with lots less time and lots less anxiety to employees.”

-Awnclean Diversified Services, Paul Diehl, CEO, Tampa, FL

“I am astonished by the ease of clearing my baggage and fears around money.”

“I stated 100s of affirmations … read dozens of books, tacked up vision boards… I prayed, worried, demanded, and pleaded – but nothing changed – until the profoundness of FUNNY with MONEY. It expanded into many areas of life including my identity, sense of self, relationships and fears of failure and success. I am astonished by the ease of clearing my baggage and fears around money. This experience increases your wealth, enjoyment, and more.”

– AT&T Executive, Leslie Green, retired, South Pasadena, FL

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